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Confession Time

Can I tell you a secret?

My daughter turned six last week and the last time we had family pictures done professionally was when she was three. That's right. Three!! And they're Christmas themed. And so are our family pictures from when she is two and one.

Do you want to guess how many professional non-Christmas family pictures we have? None. That's right, zero.

I am a professional photographer and I always stress the importance of getting pictures done and making sure to print those pictures and I don't have pictures of my own family.

But not anymore!

Thanks for a photo session swap I did with my wonderful and talented friend Stef at New Town Images, I am the proud owner of a gallery of beautiful family pictures and I cannot wait to create some wall art of my very own!!

Don't be me. Don't wait to get your pictures done. Many weekends through the summer are already booked, so please get in touch today to ensure you're not missing out on preserving your own family memories!

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